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The Green Stationery Company is the UK’s original Green Office supplier established in 1989. Our Green office products and recycled paper range is the largest in the UK. We have 25 years experience and we are a unique information resource on how to make your business more sustainable. Please contact us with your enquiries, if we cannot help, we will probably know someone who can.

See our 'Small Green Stationery Shop' below to quickly choose from our most popular range of products. 

Recycled papers and green products for small and home users. Smaller packs, fixed £3.50 delivery, vat included prices and limited range .. Click on the picture below..

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Main business to business e-commerce store with over 20,000 products. Discounts available for bulk purchasing and facilities for managing multiple user and branch accounts. Click on the picture below..

For supplies for Eco Hotels, Green Restaurants and Cafes see our site below

A dedicated web store for stylish and quality Eco Supplies. Featuring recycled menu papers and holders, furnishings and washroom products. Many items can be personalized to make the vision you have of your green enterprise a reality.

We are suppliers of Recycled office paper and have a wide range of Recycled office supplies in stock. We deliver across the UK next working day and have one of the biggest ranges of stock available. 
We started our selling Recycled office paper over 10 years ago and have built up over the years and have many customers across the UK who regularly purchase our Recycled Office paper along with our other Green Stationery.

Please browse our online store to browse our Recycled Office Paper along with all the other Recycled Stationery we have available.

Why use recycled paper?

As over 50% of all landfill waste is paper-based, the act of recycling turns a major waste product into a practical resource. 

To make recycled paper you do not have to crush or cook wood to get the fibres, as paper has already gone through this process the first time, so there is a large saving in energy and pollution. Used paper can simply be dropped into a vat of water and the fibres will be released for manufacturing new paper. more>>

Sustainable forestry

In response to the demand for environmentally responsible papers, virgin paper manufacturers have chosen to certify many of their papers as being ‘sourced from sustainable forests’. As the use of recycled fibre is the most logical environmental option, it would have been better for these manufacturers to start using more recycled pulp – but this would have required considerable investment in new machinery. more>>



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